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May. 25th, 2012

why is apple bloom so cute

Okay I know I haven't been active on LJ for like months but I COME BEARING GOODIES (...sorta)

I took a course in cultural anthropology last semester, and compiled all my old notes into a Word document because I thought they would be a helpful guide for worldbuilding in my fantasy and science fiction writings (and probably useful for fanfiction too). So I figured I'd share it with all the lovely writers here on LJ too. (Y'all are welcome to save these notes on a word processor for future reference, but I'd appreciate it if nobody posted them on other sites/claimed them as their own. But of course I trust you lovely people wouldn't do that.)
Be wary--the notes are pretty long (20 pages on Microsoft Word), so I'm putting them under a cut.

EDIT: LJ says this post is "too large" with the notes under the cut so I'm just going to redirect y'all to my Tumblr instead, where I've already posted them.

Also in personal-life-things I'm done with my freshman year of college (EGAD!) and have been dating a wonderful boy for almost 3 months now. So whee~

Jan. 18th, 2012


Orrrrrrrrrrrrr not.

That awkward moment when you write a super-long blog post about how happy you are in your relationship and then break up two days later

We're still gonna be good friends (emphasis on good) but I need to work on my trust issues and establish a support system that includes, um, more people than just him. And it's easiest for us to do that if we're not together.

Of course we both are open to the possibility of trying again once I've worked on myself for a bit. But until then, we're just gonna stay friends. Funny how that works, huh?

It hasn't really sunk in yet, so I'm not all angsty. I don't really know what to make of it.

But I know I'm gonna be happy in the end, no matter what happens.

Jan. 16th, 2012

aren't you gonna stay for brunch?

Let's talk about RELATIONSHIPS.

And no, I don't mean shipping. (Though now that you mention it...)

Because I'm sure you probably don't want to hear about my personal lifeCollapse )

Jan. 2nd, 2012

vacca, cow

December ppg_hub drabble contest entries

Since the one was so short, I'm just gonna put 'em both in this post.

Title: A Simple Request
Length/Rating: 10 words long, rated G.
Disclaimer: I OWN NOTHING.
Summary: If I told you, it'd ruin the joke.
Notes: For the ppg_hub December drabble contest. Everything is short and nothing hurts.

A cut probably wasn't necessary for this but IDRCCollapse )

Title: What Do You Want For Christmas?
Length/Rating: One-shot drabble, rated G. 432 words.
Disclaimer: I OWN NOTHING.
Summary: The children of Townsville write letters to Santa Claus.
Notes: For the ppg_hub December drabble contest.

What do YOU want for Christmas?Collapse )

Dec. 23rd, 2011

pensive rainbow dash

I am seriously inactive in dis fandom here bruh

Which is kind of ironic considering I creep on other people's updates all the time, but rarely make any blog posts of my own. I'll admit I'm kind of lazy about posting here specifically--I mean, I update my Tumblr more or less daily--but seriously, I need to step it up. I am a serious derp yo.

Well, I'm finally finished with my first semester of college, which means I'll probably be finding more time to post--and write, for that matter. It was both extremely stressful yet...also a really fast maturation experience. I feel as though I've changed a lot in a very short time.

Also I have a boyfrann nao. (For those of you who took the time to read "Rebirth"...yeah, it's the same guy.) His name is Danny and if "Rebirth" wasn't any indication, we're total opposites. Also he's Jewish. I'm not. I find much entertainment in this. :3

I entered the PPG Hub drabble contest this month as well. First time since the very first contest. I hope people like my entry.

Also lately I've been really fascinated by feminism and gender studies, and would be totally okay with discussing either if not both of the two. Js. I follow this wonderful blog on Tumblr that reviews and critiques Disney films from a feminist perspective, which I think is both fascinating and awesome, so y'all should definitely go check that out.

My newfound interest in feminism, additionally, has caused me to reexamine some of my old Hamtaro fanfiction from a feminist perspective--which, I have to say, is really interesting and eye-opening for me. I noticed a lot of things that could be problematic and some other stuff that was more of a projection of power onto my female lead character. I don't really know how to word what I'm trying to say but basically I plan on elaborating on my feminist analysis of it, which I will probably post either here or on my Tumblr.

I think that's basically all I wanted to say for now, except for one thing...

I have to give you this ugly link because I'm a derp who cannot figure out how to post images correctly

Look me in the eye and tell me Bubbles would NOT wear this. I DARE YOU.

(it's from polyvore.com and oh my gosh I just want to buy all of the dresses there or at least create individual unique wardrobes for the Girls)

And with that, I'm out. *tips hat*

Oct. 18th, 2011

whyyyyyyyyy, exasperated bubbles is exasperated



Oct. 1st, 2011

why is apple bloom so cute

Well, I guess now that the drabble contest's over, I can add this to my archive now

Title: Currently untitled, because I suck at making them up. If you have any suggestions, please let me know!
Length/Rating: One-shot drabble. Rated...um...I guess PG, because Buttercup drops the F-bomb a few times.
Disclaimer: I do not own and am in no way affiliated with Craig McCracken or the Powerpuff Girls. Unfortunately.
Summary: Why study music, she’d asked herself, when you can feel it?
Notes: My first Buttercup-centered fic, featuring a cameo appearance from our favorite little angstmonger. X3 Also my entry for September's ppg_hub drabble contest. You can read it there, too, but I just wanted to leave a copy on my LJ so that all of my ficcage can be found in the same place. So yeah. Please enjoy. :3

Maybe I should've called it Super BassCollapse )

Comments and criticisms are always appreciated! :D

Sep. 30th, 2011

vacca, cow

Writer's Block: Love hurts

What’s the best way to mend a broken heart?
With ice cream, chocolate and a lot of tissues. Good friends and your favorite movie probably wouldn't hurt either.

Aug. 24th, 2011

pensive rainbow dash

Being an optimist is a lot harder than people think. (Tumblr post I made...just leaving this here)

Firstly, I hate how people view optimists as naive, or stupid, or as
people who’ve never experienced pain in their lives and are happy all
the time. No. That’s not what defines an optimist. Take me, for example.
I’m mature for my age, highly intelligent, I go through a full range of
emotions from elation to rage to misery, and I’ve been through more
hurt than I’ve told most people. Legitimate pain, too, not just typical
whiny-teenage-girl stuff. Being an optimist is not a flaw that should be
looked down upon. I’m tired of people treating me like my opinion
doesn’t matter just because I choose to see past the pain I feel in
preference of the beauty in the world around me.

Optimists are a hell of a lot stronger than people think they are. Do
you realize how easy it is to become cynical or a pessimist? A lot of
people I know—most of my friends, actually—are either, if not both, of
the two. Heck, people can become cynical even after one small thing
doesn’t go their way. And while I don’t look down upon pessimists for
how they see the world, I find I have to disagree. If you live your life
with a negative mindset, honestly, how can you be happy? I feel as
though people who choose to see nothing but the negative side of things
are just asking to be miserable. Which, in some cases, is to be
expected, because I believe that humans are inclined to pity themselves
to a certain extent—but taking that into consideration, you have to give
a whole lot more credit to optimists, because they’ve managed to push
past the self-pitying nature of humankind to see what’s truly beautiful
in themselves and the world around them. Defying human nature. That’s fucking hard, don’t you think? Defying something that you were psychologically programmed to do through use of your own sheer willpower. How can someone not see an optimist as a strong person when you consider that? To me, it seems practically superhuman. But maybe I’m just biased. ;)

But being an optimist is not something you just up and become, oh no.
It’s not something that you can leave so easily either when things
don’t seem to be working out for you. A true optimist is defined by unwavering
optimism. Now, I don’t mean an optimist has to be happy all the time,
or is not allowed to feel any pain, or can’t think a certain situation
would end poorly, or can’t dislike someone. That’s just ridiculous. But a
true optimist is someone who, at the end of the day, has felt pain in
its many forms and still chooses to be happy—someone who realizes that
we can only be as sad as we allow ourselves to be, and summons the
strength to push past that pain in order to allow happiness into his or
her life.

Optimists are the people you go to when you’re feeling low and need
someone to cheer you up. An optimist will tell you everything that is
beautiful about yourself and will always be there when you need a
shoulder to cry on. But because optimists have such positive
dispositions, people don’t notice that they may be feeling upset until
they do something drastic. Because optimists typically seem happy, most
people dismiss the idea that there may be anything bothering them. As a
result, optimists usually get the short end of the stick when it comes
to other people being there to help them through tough times. It takes a lot of strength to be there for other people when almost no one does the same for you.

It’s nowhere near as easy as it sounds. But I really think there is a
genuine strength to people who can go through a lot of pain and
acknowledge that there are a lot of things wrong with the world yet
still see it as a beautiful place. How forgiving and strong do you have
to be to continually and genuinely love something that repeatedly hurts
you? Most people don’t have the willpower for that.

Athletes are often commended for their abilities to train and
condition their bodies in order to perfect their sport, even to the
point of being considered heroes. In the same way, optimists train and
condition their minds to remain positive through even the darkest times,
yet seldom receive praise. Furthermore, there are few trainers
available for optimists—most of the time, we have to develop a positive
state of mind entirely on our own. So why shouldn’t optimists be
considered heroic?

But despite the strength of optimists, we’re constantly looked down
upon by people who think they know better than us, people who are
convinced that we just “don’t get it”. What’s there not to get? Just
because we don’t pity you or try to show you a path that doesn’t result
in you wallowing in your misery doesn’t mean we don’t understand your
pain. People have a tendency to ignore the (often good!) advice of
optimists because (1) it’s not what they want to hear, (2) it doesn’t
give them immediate results, or (3) a combination of the two. I can’t
describe how many times this has happened to me. Honestly, it feels like
a slap in the face, because a person you’re genuinely trying to help
essentially denies something that happens to be part of your way of life
simply because they don’t want to try it, or have tried it in the past
and failed. True optimists don’t give up like that—and everyone
I know has wanted to give up on something in life, even optimists like
myself. But what differentiates true optimists from other people is that
an optimist doesn’t give up on thinking positively, no matter how bleak the situation may be.

It takes a lot of work to maintain an optimistic lifestyle. So how
the fuck does that make an optimist any less credible than a pessimist?
How is pessimism taken seriously when it’s so much more difficult to
foster love than it is to succumb to negativity? And even regardless of
that, how is pessimism considered a more credible way of life when
optimists are generally much happier people than pessimists are? It just
doesn’t make sense to me.

I’m not trying to convert anyone or to insult anyone’s lifestyle. But I feel this needed to be said.

Aug. 22nd, 2011




I smell a PPG/Rocky Horror crossover coming on...

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